Holiday Decor..


Decorating for the holidays completely changes the look of your house and helps bring out a new environment. We thought we would post some pictures of Amanda’s holiday decor in her house right now!


Part of the dining room.

The believe sign is old and we can’t remember where it is from, but the little houses are from TJ Maxx!


Another part of the dining room (the house is basically a giant cupcake)

The vases and joy sign are from TJ Maxx and the ornaments are from hobby.

The sticks in the vases were hand made from when Amanda got married as part of her decor.


The stockings were handmade by our mom (she’s the best)

The wreath is from Hobby Lobby, the garland is from Jeffrey Allans and so is the sparkly deer!


The trees are from Jeffrey Allans and the nativity scene was from our grandma who gives one to each grandchild when they get married:)


Second year the Christmas tree has been up:)

The tree is from Jeffrey Allan’s-got a deal right after Christmas!

The ornaments are mostly from Jeffrey Allan’s and Hobby Lobby! The lollipops on top are from Von Maur!


The house is also from TJ Maxx! They’re still there!!!

Usually when we decorate from Christmas we wear crazy socks and reindeer ears and listen to the Elf soundtrack. It’s defintely something we always look foward too~

XO, Amanda & Emilee

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