Month: January 2014

Ready For the Weekend

Hello Hello!!
I’m so glad it is Thursday!! The week has gone by soooo fast!! My little family has a busy weekend! My brother and sister are coming home for the weekend, we have a surprise birthday party, and of course Super Bowl festivities, although I must admit that I only go for the food! Haha



Sweater: JCrew Factory
Shirt: TJ Maxx, but I like this one and it is on sale online!
Necklace: Sam Moon, I can’t find it online, but this one is cute!!
Purse: Michael Kors, check this one out!


Thanks for reading!!


The Tuesday Blues…

Hello Hello!

It is sooooo cold here… -4 degrees when I got up this morning. Ugh! Who wants to go out in that?? Gross! Unfortunately I had to, so I decided to brave the cold and break out my new $8 target jeans! Yes, I said $8!!! Found them over the weekend at Target! Gotta love Target! They are navy blue, black and fabulous!





Jeans: Target They are $16.78 online, but I got them for $8 in the store!

Sweater: Forever 21, but I like this one!

Flats: Old, but these are cute!

Clutch: Target-old, but this one is fun and on sale!!

Happy Tuesday!!






These Boots Are Made For Walking

Happy Monday!!

Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend!! Mine was super busy! We had a family birthday party and took a little day trip to visit my little brother a college! Weekends go by so fast:(



I’m in looooove with my boots!! They are comfortable too!! Cowboy boots usually take a while to break in, but these ones are actually comfy!!
My sweater is from H&M and my necklace is from a local boutique!!!

Boots: Cavenders

Sweater: H&M, no longer available, but I really like this one!!

Necklace: local boutique, this one is fun!!

Hope everyone had a great Monday!!


I Heart Friday’s!

Happy Friday!!

Just had lunch with a few friends! One of them has a little boy and a nine month little girl! Libbey and Macie have already had a few play dates!  I can’t wait to see how Libbey interacts with other babies as she gets a little older!

My little family and my parents are heading out in a bit to do some shopping! Below is what I’m wearing today:)





Shirt:JCPenney (Similar here)

Sweater: Gap- they don’t have mine anymore, but this one is really cute and festive!

Belt: Forever 21, but I die for this one!

Jeans: Old from American Eagle, but check these out!




Of course I have to show you Libbey’s outfit of the day:)

Have a fabulous weekend!!




Pink & Red

My little Libbey hasn’t felt well, since she she had her shots on Friday, which is why I have been MIA for a few days. She needed extra cuddles!! So, obviously we haven’t left the house, so I spent the last few days thinking about what to wear for Valentine’s Day! I love any excuse to wear lots of pink!!! Duuuuh!!! Plus, it is 3 days after my anniversary! J.D. and I will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary on February 11th!! Best two years of my life<3


The pink sweater and blouse are from JCrew Factory! They aren’t online, but check the stores! I just got them both last week in Austin!!! The wedges are Steve Madden from last year, but here are some I looove! The necklace is from a local flower shop, but love this! The skinnies are old, but like these and they are on sale!

I think this blouse is super festive! I got it at TJ Maxx, but this one is also cute! The black jeggings are old, but I like these and looove this hat!! The nude pumps are Steve Madden! Every girl needs a nude pump! My necklace is from Sam Moon, but I can’t find it online, but like this one!


I am obsessed with polka dots! They are so classic! This dress is from Forever 21! I like this one!! The pumps are also from Forever 21, but they are old! These are cute! I also love this necklace!! I got the pink clutch at Target over the summer! This one is super cute!


Hope you ladies have a fabulous day! It is almost Friday!!!!!


Where have the last four months gone?!

Hello there lovely ladies!

I love Sundays! My little family and I usually relax, go to church, and spend the evening with my parents! Today I am spending most of the day unpacking and going to the grocery store..ugh…

I wanted to share a few pics of Miss Libbey with you guys! She turned four months old this week! Where has the time gone? I love every minute with my little lady! Can’t wait to watch her change and grow more and more! Below are a few pics from her check up on Friday and a few other pictures!




In love with the baby Sperry’s!!

I got the cute stickers on! There are tons and tons of them!!



This was Miss Lib after her shots! She did so well! I hate seeing her get them though.. I think I cried more than she did:(



Above is what I wore to Lib’s check up!

Boots: Steve Madden (Similar Here)

Sweater: Forever 21- can’t find online, but still in stores!

Gold Sparkle Belt: Target



Vacation Blues









Happy Saturday Everyone!

My little family, along with my mom spent the last ten days in Austin, Texas! I did not want to come home. I loooooove Austin! I would seriously move there in a heart beat! Who knows, maybe one day we will! My mom’s side of the family all live in Austin, so we visit a couple times a year! Our trip to Texas was Libbey’s first road trip and she did fabulous! She is such a good little traveler! We spent our time with family lounging in or pj’s until 11, shopping, and drinking Starbucks! You will come to find that I am a Starbucks junkie and live to shop! Austin has some of my favorite places to shop and super cute boutiques!! I could shop all day everyday! Lib is becoming quite the shopper:) Below you will see some pics from our visit, along with a few outfits that I wore!! Enjoy!




Pink Vest: Aeropostale- Just got it for Christmas, but it looks like they are sold out (Similar Here)

Denim Shirt: JCPenney- Bought it on Black Friday (Similar Here)

Jeggings: TJ Maxx(Express) (Similar Here)

Boots: Hunter Boots 







Polka Dot Sweater: Forever 21-Can’t find it online, but I have seen it in the stores still!

Boots: Vince Camuto (Similar Here)

The pearls I am wearing are from my grandma! She gave them to me while we were visiting! She wore the pearls with her “going away” outfit when she got married! I am ooooobsessed with them!








Above are a few pictures of Libbey from one of our multiple trips to Starbucks! I have a feeling she will be a Starbucks addict like her mamma!

Her outfit is from VonMaur! They have some of the cutest baby clothes!



I obviously couldn’t leave Texas without a new pair of cowboy boots! I mean hellooooo!!!!

These are from Cavenders! Loooove that store!!

You will probably see a millions posts of me wearing these! Haha





Libbey’s face cracks me up in these pics! She is the best!!!

Her outfit is from Von Maur! (I told you I loved that place!)

My sweater is from Forever 21! Can’t find it online, but have recently spotted it in stores!

Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse in to our trip!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!




All About Amanda




Sweater: Forever21

Vest: GAP (not online) (Similar)

Shoes: UGG

We headed to Austin, Texas to visit my grandma and some other family. This is the first time for most of them to meet Libbey. The trip took about twice as long with a baby and a few minor delays with a window not wanting to roll back up. Libbey did good except for one melt down. I will take it! This is my take on a comfy travel outfit. What morning is complete without a white chocolate mocha too?



This picture makes me laugh, Libbey’s little head. haha



(She was not ready for the long day ahead of her.)







Sweater: TJ Maxx (Similar)

Scarf: Forever21(not online) (Similar)

Boots: Nordstrom

Purse: from a friend in Italy (LOVE this one)

This was the first day in Texas at my grandmas who is still in the Christmas spirit, obviously. It wasn’t a very eventful day. It was rainy though which was just ANOTHER excuse to wear my boots for probably 5/7 days this week.

Hope you all are having a fab week!

XO, Amanda & Emilee

Snowed In!

We have been snowed in most of this weekend. There was an exception though for a baby shower.






diaper cake


Top: TJ Maxx(Old)(Similar)

Skirt: Target(last year)(Love this one)

Boots: Nordstrom

Fleece Liners: Charming Charlie(Not online)(Similar)

Purse: ALDO(bought this summer) ( LOVE this one)

Coat: Victoria Secret(Old)(Similar)

Scarf: GAP(Old) (LOVE this one)

Hat: H&M(Similar)

Lips: Saint Germain

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you guys are staying warm! It is -11 degrees here today-brrr! Yesterday was the beginning of the majority of bad weather and the snow and I had a baby shower to host. Craziness, I know. Not many people ended up coming, but the decorations were super cute and my friend still had a really good time. I clearly had to wear my Hunter boots since since we had almost a foot of snow. I also put the liners in my boots to keep my feet toasty!

My little family and my mom are heading to Texas in the morning to visit family. Everyone is so excited to meet miss Libbey.




Top: J. Crew Factory(Not online)(Similar)

Jeans: LOFT(bought this summer) (Similar)

Boots: Nordstrom

Coat: H&M(Last year)(Love this one)

Scarf: I got the scarf for two dollars at Charming Charlie!(STEAL of a DEAL)(LOVE this one)

I didn’t get out much this weekend because of all of the snow, but I go for a quick trip with my best friend to pick up her wedding dress! Since there was snow I wore my hunter boots, DUH. Me and Amanda are obviously obsessed. I think we need more colors and styles. If only money grew on trees. I barely even got dressed this weekend, woops. You’re aloud to do that when there are snow storms though, right? I did get to babysit Libbey though while Amanda was hosting the baby shower. She was a happy baby!


We hope anyone else in a bad weather stays safe!

Thanks for reading!

XO, Amanda & Emilee

A casual Friday





Button-down: Forever21 (Similar)

Sweater: JCPenney

Necklace: from a local flower shop/boutique- LOVE this one

Boots: Steve Madden(Old) (Love these)

Lips: Saint Germain

I went shopping for the day with a couple of friends so I wanted a cute yet casual outfit. Pastel purple and polkadots….in my opinion it does not get much better than that. I love pastels. I thought this necklace also just pulled everything together and gave it a little somethin somethin. ha.







Sweater: GAP (Similar)

Button-down: Forever21(Can’t find online, Similar)

Shoes: Steve Madden (Last year)(Similar)

Necklaces: Old- Love this one!

Purse: Michael Kors( last year) In love with this one!

I’m throwing a baby shower for one of my close friends so I have been running a lot of errands. I am finishing up today so I wanted to be comfortable, yet put together. I love these pink wedged heels because not only do they make my outfit a little dressier, but are comfortable to wear for a longer period of time.

Hope everyone has a FAB Friday!

XO, Amanda & Emilee