Vacation Blues









Happy Saturday Everyone!

My little family, along with my mom spent the last ten days in Austin, Texas! I did not want to come home. I loooooove Austin! I would seriously move there in a heart beat! Who knows, maybe one day we will! My mom’s side of the family all live in Austin, so we visit a couple times a year! Our trip to Texas was Libbey’s first road trip and she did fabulous! She is such a good little traveler! We spent our time with family lounging in or pj’s until 11, shopping, and drinking Starbucks! You will come to find that I am a Starbucks junkie and live to shop! Austin has some of my favorite places to shop and super cute boutiques!! I could shop all day everyday! Lib is becoming quite the shopper:) Below you will see some pics from our visit, along with a few outfits that I wore!! Enjoy!




Pink Vest: Aeropostale- Just got it for Christmas, but it looks like they are sold out (Similar Here)

Denim Shirt: JCPenney- Bought it on Black Friday (Similar Here)

Jeggings: TJ Maxx(Express) (Similar Here)

Boots: Hunter Boots 







Polka Dot Sweater: Forever 21-Can’t find it online, but I have seen it in the stores still!

Boots: Vince Camuto (Similar Here)

The pearls I am wearing are from my grandma! She gave them to me while we were visiting! She wore the pearls with her “going away” outfit when she got married! I am ooooobsessed with them!








Above are a few pictures of Libbey from one of our multiple trips to Starbucks! I have a feeling she will be a Starbucks addict like her mamma!

Her outfit is from VonMaur! They have some of the cutest baby clothes!



I obviously couldn’t leave Texas without a new pair of cowboy boots! I mean hellooooo!!!!

These are from Cavenders! Loooove that store!!

You will probably see a millions posts of me wearing these! Haha





Libbey’s face cracks me up in these pics! She is the best!!!

Her outfit is from Von Maur! (I told you I loved that place!)

My sweater is from Forever 21! Can’t find it online, but have recently spotted it in stores!

Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse in to our trip!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!




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