So, yesterday a friend and I took our little ones to see the Easter Bunny! I was afraid of what the outcome was going to be because Miss Libbey has a little bit of “stranger anxiety!” I was thinking a furry bunny would send her over the edge, but it was the total opposite! She was laughing and kicking her little legs!








I totally forgot I had the cute bejeweled sweater from J.Crew hanging in my closet!!! I had it all winter and didn’t wear it! I’m so mad at myself!! Is that a sign that I have too many clothes?! Nah!!!
Sweater: J.Crew Outlet(sold out) This is similar, but a little pricey for my liking! This one is cute too and in my price range:)
Denim Cropped Pants: JCPenney(sold out online) similar here
Flats: Target(old) These are fun and on sale!!
Bracelet: Forever 21(old), this one is similar!
Purse: Michael Kors(old), but loving this one!!
Oh and don’t look at my mess of hair!! It was sooooo windy again!!!

Thanks for reading!!

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