Seeing Spots

Happy Tuesday lovelies!!
Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter weekend!
Miss Libbey had a great first Easter! She got 3 Easter baskets! Lucky girl! The weather was sooooo nice over the weekend! It felt amazing to finally break out wedges!! I was so excited about dressing Libbey up for mass and getting out the door in time that I forgot to take outfit pics! I have a few pics of my little family, so you can still see my outfit!






My pants are from Forever 21! I loooove them!! They are so comfy and cool!!
They aren’t online anymore, but these are very similar!!!
My shirt is from Target, but I got it over a year ago. You can seriously put almost any color with these pants!! Yellow would be super cute!! I was in a hurry and had to find a shirt that didn’t have to be ironed! Haha I think a flowy blouse would be cute!!!
I can’t find my necklace online anymore, but this and this would be cute with the polka dot pants!
Miss Libbey’s outfit was from Von Maur!

Thanks for reading!!


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