1st Mother’s Day

Hope you guys had a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all of you fab moms out there!!
This year was my first Mother’s Day! I guess I was technically a mom last year because I was pregnant, but this year was extra special!! Being a mom is what I was meant to do with my life! I love everything about it ! Even the stinky diapers and having spit up on my clothes almost daily! She is truly a blessing! I seriously can’t imagine life without her!!! Last year I had an emergency appendectomy on Mother’s Day. I was just a little over 20 weeks along, so there was a chance I could have lost Libbey. She is a fighter and truly a miracle!
Libbey gave me a fabulous pair of Kate Spade wedges for Mother’s Day! I was so surprised!!! I will be wearing them ALL the time!!!

We spent yesterday with family! We went to mass in the morning followed by a cookout with JD’s family. Later, we went to a cookout at my parents’ house with my dad’s side of the family!!

Every girl NEEDS these shoes!!!! I’m obsessed!!!

My necklace is from Macy’s!! I can’t find it online anymore, but this one is fabulous!



My dress is from a Forever 21 from last summer! I love black! You can pretty much wear any color of shoe and accessory! Love this little lace number from Forever 21!
Below are a few picture from our day at the St.Louis on Saturday!!
Libbey loved the sea lions, fish, and giraffes! She was okay with the monkeys until they moved! We had a small melt down when she was very close to one behind the glass and it moved!







Above was Miss Libbey yesterday!!! Love dressing her up for church!!

Thanks for reading!

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