Anchors and Sequins





Hola!!! Hope you all had a great Monday! I’m going to rub it in and tell you guys that I spent the afternoon at the pool with my little familia! The water is still a little cold for Miss Lib! She must like her mamma and not like cold water:) She loves her baby pool though! My grandma was drinking a glass of lemon water and of course Libbey was dying to have some! She wants anything that is not in a bottle or sippy cup! So, we let her have a sip and she kept wanting more and more! My grandpa thought it would be funny to see what she thought of the actual lemon.. We thought she was going to make the funniest face, so we had the phone ready! The little stinker loved the lemon! She ate the whole thing and didn’t even make a funny face! Crazy girl! Sorry just had to share my Libbey story!!
So, the outfit above is from Saturday. I didn’t get any good pics because my husband was working, so you got a few mirror pics.. I’ll probably wear a similar outfit soon and try to get some pictures!
Shorts: Forever 21, can’t find online, but love these !
Sequin Tank: J.Crew Factory(similar) There are more color options in the store!
Belt: Forever 21: (similar)
Necklace: Sam Moon, love this!
Wedges: old, but these are super cute!

Thanks for reading!!

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