The Little Green Dress

Good morning lovelies!!!
Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend!! Libbey and I spent a lot of time at the pool! She is going to turn in to a fish before the summer is over! Libbey and I also took our first “long” outing by ourselves! My mom, grandma, and/or sister usually always going out and about with us because they want to be with Libbey, I’m just the driver:( haha Libbey did really well in the car! She jabbered and danced! She is a pretty good shopper:)









I wore the outfit above to a wedding on Saturday! I loooove dressing up! My dress is from Forever 21! I loooove the color! I can’t find it online, but this one is similar! I’m sure you can still find it in the store!! I am OBSESSED with my necklace! I will be it wearing all the time! Helloooo it goes with everything:) You all need it!!! And of course my outfit was not complete without the bows on my toes!!! Still loving my Kate Spade wedges!!

Thanks for reading!!!

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