Cozy Little Work Space!

Good morning!!
Today I thought I would give you all a peek in to my little work space! I spend lots of time blogging, editing, and SHOPPING in my office! I feel like it is such a cozy place! I want my office to be warm and inviting and well, I guess not feel like an “office!” My work space is right off of our living room, so I am able to work, sip coffee, and watch my little one play! I’m telling you, it is the perfect work space:) I am obsessed with my collage wall!! Most of the pieces hanging on the wall mean something to me!

I gave my grandpa the stick pictured above and he returned it to me framed with the poem the night before my wedding. I was just a few years old and I picked the stick, had my mom tie a bow around it and I gave it to my grandpa as a gift. He kept it in his safe all those years!

Love the sign above! It explains exactly how I feel!

Love this little cozy corner! I just need a super soft throw to snuggle up with!



I wanted my work space to be cozy, show my personal style, things I love, and things I’m proud of!










Prints: Brittany Fuson(OBSESSED)
Desk: Pottery Barn
Chairs: TJ Maxx
Trunk: Jeffrey Alans
Pillows: TJ Maxx
The majority of my frames, signs, and decor are TJ Maxx or Home Goods!!
Wreath: Made by me:)
I’m now on the hunt for the perfect rug!! Feel free to let me know if you see anything!!

Okay, now go check out! They are a co-working company that have some really neat work spaces and were the inspiration behind my post:)

Thank you oh so very much for reading!!

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