A Must Have





Hat: American Eagle, want this and this!!
Turtleneck: Forever 21(can’t find exact one online) like this one !
Pants: J.Crew Factory, these are cute!
Booties: Forever 21
Necklace: Brina Box. It’s on sale!!
Bracelets: Brina Box & Alex & Ani
Happy Tuesday!!! I can’t believe Christmas is next week??!!! Time needs to slow down!!! I’m pretty much done shopping, but have soooo much wrapping to do and haven’t been able to bake any cookies yet… Yikes!!! Libbey turned 15 months yesterday! It’s exciting, but sad at the same time:(
She is no longer a baby. She is sooooo much fun though and definitely keeps me on my toes! Can’t wait to watch her open presents! She already tries to open the gifts I have already wrapped! I can’t keep them under the tree anymore…
So, everyone needs a felt floppy hat! I probably said this last winter, but I’m serious!! Go get one NOW!!! They are all over this year! You can even find them at Forever 21 and H&M!!! I’m thinking while we are all out and about finishing up our Christmas shopping, we should pick up a little something for ourselves like a new hat:)

Did you notice my little photo bomber:)

Thanks for reading!


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