New Addition!

Helloooooo!!!! I promise I haven’t forgotten about all of you!! My life has been craziness… My grandpa has been in and out of the ICU since the day before Easter. He is still in the hospital, but out of ICU! Lots of other things have made my life crazy, but it is all good. Praying that next week brings a happier and healthier week!

So, one of the reasons I have been MIA the past few weeks is because I’m pregnant!! We have another little one making his or her arrival in early October! I wasn’t going to mention it yet, but I’m having trouble hiding my bump in clothes! I definitely popped sooner with the second! We feel so so blessed and are over the moon excited about this addition to our family!! This pregnancy has been a little harder than when I was pregnant with Miss Libbey! It’s all good though!! I’m excited to dress the bump!!







Libbey has no idea what she is in for!! She is OBSESSED with babies, so I know she will be quite the helper! She already knows there is a baby in my belly and kisses my belly and tells the baby “Hi” all the time! It is the sweetest thing ever! She brings me baby dolls and wants me to put them under her shirt!

I’m going to do more outfit posts I promise! I’m over the first trimester hump. So I’m feeling much better and have a little more energy!




Sweater: Charming Charlie(on sale, so get your booty there ASAP!), can’t find online, but still in stores!
Denim:JCPenney(last year), like these!
White Tee: Target
Sandals: Madden Girl
Necklace: Charming Charlie(on super sale!!)

Have a fabulous weekend!

Thanks for reading!!


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