Fun at the Park

Hola!!! Hope all of you fabulous mothers out there had an aaaaaaaamazing weekend!! There is nothing more important than being a mom! I truly feel being a mother is my calling in life. I always thought I would be a small boutique owner or something else in the fashion world, but once I held Libbey in my arms for the first time I knew exactly what I was meant to do in life! I quit my full time job and vowed to be the best mom to my sweet little girl! Two years later my heart became even more full when I held my sweet Bennett for the first time! I may not brush my teeth until two in the afternoon and not wash my hair for a week, but I would not have it any other way! I feel so blessed that God chose me to be a mom! I was raised by a fabulous mom, so I feel I am the mother I am today because of my mom! My mother is the one of the sweetest, kind hearted, and loving people I know! She is my go to person for everything! She is my best friend! I love the way she looks at my kiddos! Her eyes light up when she sees them! She truly is someone special:)

On Saturday I packed up the kiddos and took them to a park that is about 45 minutes from home! Libbey told me she wanted to have a “nic nic,” so it thought why not spend the beautiful day at the park!




Libby was singing the entire time she was swinging!





My tee is from last year from Mindy Maes Market! I thought it was perfect for the weekend:)

I only have a few pics of Miss Libbey because she would not stand still long enough!

Thanks for reading!




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