8 Months?!?

Hello Hello!!

Hope you are having a great week!! Sorry I haven’t posted much…. I became super sick in the middle of the night a little over a week ago and I’m finally feeling back to normal. Moms should not be allowed to get sick! I don’t know the last time I felt so bad.. It has been years…. Anyway, I thought I would update you all on Mr. Bennett today and  share like the only outfit I have worn in the last week …


Mr. Bennett is 8 months old! How is that possible?! He is the sweetest and most easy going baby(unless his sister takes his toys away!) He doesn’t have any teeth, but is wanting real food! He is over baby food! He looooves peas and banana! He is also a fan of cinnamon rolls and waffles!! He wants to crawl sooo bad! He is so close! He has pulled up on a few things! He loves to read, dance, and take a bath!! 




Romper: Old Navy(my color isn’t online anymore, but the chambray one is!)

Sandals: Madden Girl, similar here!

Sunnies: Shein(Libbey calls them my “circle glasses!”)

Necklace: Old, want this!

Thanks for reading!



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