The Perfect Summer Dress

Dress: Elle & Bee Co.

Hats: Elle & Bee Co. & JCPenney

Necklace: Elle & Bee Co.

Sunnies: Elle & Bee Co

Sandals: Target(old), like these!

Earrings: Elle & Bee Co.

Cuff: Elle & Bee Co.

You guys!!!!! I am OBsessed with the bright pink dress from Elle & Bee Co. You all need it!! It is the perfect color for summer! I was afraid I was going to have to wear it as top, but the medium was long enough for a dress! The small I would wear as a top! I’ll be wearing this dress on repeat for sure! The material is super light weight! Can we talk about the fabulous necklace?! It is also from Elle & Bee Co. The bright colors are so fun!

I’m excited for the long weekend! Love spending time with family! I’m excited for Libbey to see the fireworks!

Have a fun and safe weeknd!




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