It’s a……

Hello hello!

So, I promised I would tell you guys the gender of the baby….


We are oh so excited to be adding another sweet boy to the family💙 Libbey really wanted a sister, but she is all about the baby boy now! She already refers to her brothers as “my boys”😊😊 July can’t come soon enough!!

I’m 21 weeks this week! Time is flying by! I finally feel like myself again! Bennett has been sleeping much better, so I’ve also got a little more sleep than usual!!

Gender: Boy!!!

Cravings: Nothing really… yet! Nothing fried or greasy has sounded good👎🏼

Weight: I’ve gained around 6 pounds so far!

Stretch marks: None! I use Palmer’s Cocoa Butter like crazy!!

Maternity Clothes: None yet, but I’m almost to that point!

Heart burn: I’ve had soooooo much heart burn this time😩

Exercise: I try to walk two miles four days a weeks and do lunges and weights!

Thanks for reading!



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