Month: April 2018

Vacation Pics and Life Update

FFA09C58-0D44-40D1-9FCE-4172C0A3843931CC4DFF-F739-411A-B564-AE123688FF0FF61C6CD9-08F9-4217-8785-F6C15AE17E8BC2F5BE60-7DE6-4643-AD4B-998E19D2A46FDE37A9B4-6391-427B-93AB-4152D485894EBCC2BE25-BF8D-4B0D-BE64-BBD96D57D0264ECD0527-70E0-432B-8D09-50D85969D0E95875BDA6-71B4-4A9D-B665-4C18CDB228025772FA31-D9C7-4F10-B1AC-6984715C933BF202E5A9-D554-49E1-9A9D-3D5742713BDAFF4E67B3-2D9F-4AA4-BC7C-8901612CA03E1C101DD5-C2B4-477B-AAB4-E7EC95C64744Hello my lovely readers! Once again for the hundredth time, I’ve gone MIA! I’m so thankful for those of you that stick around and still read my little blog! Life is like a roller coaster.. so many ups and downs and my goal is just to keep my sweet babies healthy and happy, so if I don’t wash my hair for a week or don’t blog for a few months… it’s all good! I lost my sweet Papaw suddenly a few weeks ago and it definitely made me stop and think about what’s really important in life.. I enjoy fashion and doing this blog, but my family comes first! Raising 3 little kiddos is no joke! It is definitely the hardest job, but so rewarding and I’m so blessed to be their mommy!!

My grandpa lived in Austin, TX and my family was in Florida at the time because we were in my best friend’s wedding! We stayed for the wedding and left for Austin a few days later! We had planned on going to Disney World for a few days and the beach, but plans suddenly changed:( We did get to take the kiddos to Magic Kingdom for a day and they got to stop in Destin for like an hour.. It was nice to spend a week in Texas with family though!! We were gone for 15 days and spent like 50 hours in the car.. my poor kiddos🙈 Jamison popped his front two bottom teeth while we were gone and Bennett had a super bad ear infection the night we got there… it was a stressful few weeks let me tell ya! The wedding was absolutely beautiful and Libbey thought she was the bride😂😂 I’ll start doing more fashion post soon!!

Thanks for reading!!