More Must Haves!

Happy Sunday!!

I’m currently attempting to drink a HOT cup of coffee before all my munchkins wake up and the craziness begins!!

I’m looking at Nordstrom online and there are still some super cute items available!


Loving these Nike tennies! I just got back in to running and am trying to decide on a new running shoes! These might be the winners!


This Nike sweatshirt looks sooooo cozy! I live in workout/lounge wear 4/7 days of the week🙈 There are still lots of sizes left!!!


I loooove Quay sunnies!!! I have a super similar pair and they are basically all I wear! This is an amazing price!!!


Loving these Halogen mules! Mules are the perfect transition shoe for fall! They are super cute with skinnies and shorts!


Also, still eyeing these Bp booties!!! Lots of sizes left!!

okay, enough sale stuff!


Yestersay was our sweet Jamison’s first birthday!! It was a bittersweet day! My baby isn’t a baby anymore, which Libbey keeps reminding because he is one now and we can’t call him a baby anymore 😂, but the older he gets the happier he is because he can keep up with his brother and sister!! He loooooves walking! He chases Lib and Benny all over the house! He has two bottom teeth and a head full of crazy curly hair that I’m slightly obsessed with! He says quite a few words already, but his favorites are, mama, dada, dog, ball, papa, and moo!! He loves dogs, fruit, and nursing🙈 I stopped nursing Libbey at 13 months and Bennett right at a year! I’m thinking it might take him a little longer to wean… which I’m okay with 😉 Mr. Jamison has been quite the blessing! This past year has been full of ups and downs and hardships and we have lost a few loved ones and I could not have gotten through it without my sweet babies!!

Have a fabulous Sunday!



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