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Hello Hello!!!

My sweet baby is napping, Lib and Benny are eating lunch, house is clean and I have supper in the crockpot, so I FINALLY have time to blog! Watch… Jamison will wake up in 10 minutes! Haha Today I thought I would share a few outfits I have posted over the last few weeks on Instagram and link them or try to link similar items! First, I wanted to give you guys a little life update! Miss Libbey turned 5 last month and started her last year of pre school! I’m so sad! I don’t want her to go to kindergarten next year! Bennett turned 3 on Thursday and says he is “a big boy now!” He misses Libbey while she is in school (only for 2.5 hours)! I think it is good for Bennet and Jamison to have time together though! Jamison has 6 little teeth and is quite the ”talker” and is in to everything! JD started a new job today! He is doing the same line of work, but in a new department! I’m so excited for his new adventure, but it is definitely bittersweet for him!

Okay, now lets talk about clothes!


Denim- Levi’s

Tee- Nordstrom


Sunnies- Quay

Hat- Nordstrom

Booties- Nordstrom



Cardigan- Gliks

Denim- Abercombie

Mules- Nordstrom (similar)

Top- Nordstrom


Top- Nordstrom

Shorts- Gliks (similar)

Mules- Nordstrom


Hat- Nordstrom

Cadigan- Nordstrom

Tee- Nordstrom

Denim- Abercrombie

Mules- Nordstrom

Purse- Tory Burch


I would love for you to tag me on Instagram (amandajune915) if you pick up any of these items1 I would love to see how you style them!

Thanks for reading!




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