Recently Fall Outfits!

Hello Hello! I’m currently on my way to Texas with my little family to spend time with Family! We looooove Texas!! I would totally move here if I could get my parents to move!

Anyway, I wanted to share a few of my most recent outfits I have posted on Instagram because a lot of my pieces are on sale!!

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Top: H&M use code “3231” for 20% off of a $75 purchase!

Denim: Old Navy 40% off your purchase!

Hat: Nordstrom (OBSESSED with it!)

Booties: Nordstrom last fall, similar ones here





Hat: Same as above!!

Denim: Nordstrom, mine are sold out at the moment, but these are super similar!

Sweater: Nordstrom

Booties: Target, super comfy!



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Hat: I was kidding when I said I was obsessed with this hat😂😂

Sweater: H&M

Leggings: Nordstrom These are by far my favorite leggings!! I have had them for 3 years now and they still fit great! Soooo worth money!

Boots: Tory Burch… if you are really wanting some, but don’t want to splurge watch for sales right after Christmas!! I believe I snagged mine on sale at Bloomingdale’s!

Hope you all are having a great week!! Follow me on Instagram @amandajune915 to see what we are up to while we are in Texas!!

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Fall Go to Outfit

CCEE5279-26DC-4110-83D4-0A58AED6F477F829BF2D-1F95-4123-BBF6-61401C59734485D661A6-0EC5-4F4F-9F0D-467E0ABB39D2Hello!!! Little Mr. Jamison decided to wake up bright and early waaaaay before the sun comes up…. so, I figured I might as well blog! We had the busiest weekend and this week has been crazy as well! We had two kid birthday parties over the weekend and we went to the pumpkin patch for the third time to celebrate my my sweet nephew turning two! JD started a new job this past week, so we are trying to find our new normal! It has been a bittersweet transition. I’m so excited for him though! Jamison is still not sleeping 😩 I’m open to any suggestions on how to get a 15 month old to sleep!!! I feel like I have tried it all! This mama is worn out! My go to outfit when I’m running around like a mad woman is always leggings and a flannel!! My favorite simple and easy combo!

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Henley- American Eagle… this is the softest top EVER and it is on sale!!

Leggings- Nordstrom… if you don’t own these you are missing out! They are worth the splurge! I seriously wear these at least 3 days a week! I have had them for 3 years now and they have helped up sooo well!!

Boots- Nordstrom ….my Hunters are definitely one of my favorite shoes… I wear them all year round rain or shine!

Flannel- old, but love this one!

Diaper Bag- Freshly Picked… I’m obsessed with this thing!!

Hope you all have a great day!



Instagram Outfits

Hello Hello!!!

My sweet baby is napping, Lib and Benny are eating lunch, house is clean and I have supper in the crockpot, so I FINALLY have time to blog! Watch… Jamison will wake up in 10 minutes! Haha Today I thought I would share a few outfits I have posted over the last few weeks on Instagram and link them or try to link similar items! First, I wanted to give you guys a little life update! Miss Libbey turned 5 last month and started her last year of pre school! I’m so sad! I don’t want her to go to kindergarten next year! Bennett turned 3 on Thursday and says he is “a big boy now!” He misses Libbey while she is in school (only for 2.5 hours)! I think it is good for Bennet and Jamison to have time together though! Jamison has 6 little teeth and is quite the ”talker” and is in to everything! JD started a new job today! He is doing the same line of work, but in a new department! I’m so excited for his new adventure, but it is definitely bittersweet for him!

Okay, now lets talk about clothes!


Denim- Levi’s

Tee- Nordstrom


Sunnies- Quay

Hat- Nordstrom

Booties- Nordstrom



Cardigan- Gliks

Denim- Abercombie

Mules- Nordstrom (similar)

Top- Nordstrom


Top- Nordstrom

Shorts- Gliks (similar)

Mules- Nordstrom


Hat- Nordstrom

Cadigan- Nordstrom

Tee- Nordstrom

Denim- Abercrombie

Mules- Nordstrom

Purse- Tory Burch


I would love for you to tag me on Instagram (amandajune915) if you pick up any of these items1 I would love to see how you style them!

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Summer Vacay!!!!!

Happy Happy Saturday lovelies!!! It has been pouring down rain for two days now, so obvi I’m wishing I was back in Florida on the beach! I thought I would share a few fun pics from our first family vacation as a family of five!! We typically always do a summer vacation with my family, but not this year, so we decided to still go somewhere! We spent 3 nights in the cutest little beach house in Seaside, FL! I wish I would have taken pics, but no time with my 3 crazies running around! We were lucky to get the few we got! haha! If you want to know more about where we stayed just send me an email and I’ll give you info! Our little house was like a quarter of a mile walk to the beach, so it wasn’t bad at all! The kids were in heaven! The water was soooo clear! We saw crabs and fish everywhere! I’m definitely a beach snob and 30A is somewhere I could go every year! I told JD that we are retiring there! I wish!!!



We spent 6 nights in Orlando! My grandparents have a home there, so we go quite a bit! It is super close to Disney!! I turned 30 while we were gone and I thought what better way to spend my birthday?! I’m Disney OBsessed, so we go to a park or two every time we visit!! We went to Animal Kingdom this time since were we just at Magic Kingdom in April! Bennett looooved all the animals! He was in heaven! The “It’s Tough to Be a Bug” 3d show freaked them out a little! Lib had seen it before, but she wasn’t even two!


Sorry this post is so long!! Have a great weekend!!



30 Random Facts!


Happy Saturday! Once again I haven’t blogged in a hot minute… sorry!! Life is just so crazy, but I’m enjoying every second with my sweet babies! We are currently on vacation, so I have a few minutes to myself and I thought it would be fun to share 30 random facts about myself because today is my 30th birthday!!!!! I’ll “try” to do a blog post next week about our trip and share a few pictures, but let’s be honest…. it might be Christmas before I get to it! Haha!

1. I looove pumpkin everything except for pumpkin pie! You better believe I’ll be using my Starbucks free birthday drink on a venti PSL!

2. I’m super afraid of butterflies…🙅🏽‍♀️

3. I could eat pizza for every meal

4. I took dance lessons for 14 years!

5. I graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in business administration

6. I married my high school sweetheart💗

7. I’m not a fan of cheese or chocolate

8. I’m Disney OBsessed! Heading there Monday for the day🙌🏼

9. My first car was a bright blue VW bug!

10. I’m the oldest of 3! I have a younger brother and sister!

11. I would choose the beach over the mountains any day! (Expect to visit my fabulous sister who lives in Denver😉😚)

12. I go to bed thinking about my morning coffee☕️

13. I nursed all three of my sweet babies for a year! I stopped with Jamison two weeks ago and I already miss it😥

14. I was a cheerleader in junior high and high school!

15. I used to run 8 miles a day until I got pregnant with my first baby… I fractured a rib and wasn’t allowed to run and then I was afraid to run… trying to get back in to running!!

16. My dream job is to be a personal shopper! I could seriously shop all day everyday!

17. Christmas is my favorite holiday! I decorate before Thanksgiving!

18. I hate to read…

19. Loooove the Christmas Hallmark movies!

20. I have had braces twice and want Invisalign again🙈

21. I love being pregnant! I would have 10 kids… kidding… kind of!

22. I lived at home until the day I got married!

23. In the third grade I had glasses, braces, and a bob with bangs…. not even kidding 😳

24. We want to move to Texas sooo bad…. buuuuut I can’t leave my mom and dad🤷🏻‍♀️

25. The amount of shoes I own is a topic for divorce in our house 😂😂😂

26. I love sweets! Ice cream is my fave!

27. I never sing the right words to songs🤷🏻‍♀️  I like my lyrics better😂

28. I HAVE to make the beds everyday…. my OCD freaks out if I don’t…

29. I hate cooking, but love baking!

30. I thought I would be having my second baby at 30…. nope I had 3 in under four years.. it is all part of God’s plan 🙏🏼💗💙💙

Thanks for reading!!!



More Must Haves!

Happy Sunday!!

I’m currently attempting to drink a HOT cup of coffee before all my munchkins wake up and the craziness begins!!

I’m looking at Nordstrom online and there are still some super cute items available!


Loving these Nike tennies! I just got back in to running and am trying to decide on a new running shoes! These might be the winners!


This Nike sweatshirt looks sooooo cozy! I live in workout/lounge wear 4/7 days of the week🙈 There are still lots of sizes left!!!


I loooove Quay sunnies!!! I have a super similar pair and they are basically all I wear! This is an amazing price!!!


Loving these Halogen mules! Mules are the perfect transition shoe for fall! They are super cute with skinnies and shorts!


Also, still eyeing these Bp booties!!! Lots of sizes left!!

okay, enough sale stuff!


Yestersay was our sweet Jamison’s first birthday!! It was a bittersweet day! My baby isn’t a baby anymore, which Libbey keeps reminding because he is one now and we can’t call him a baby anymore 😂, but the older he gets the happier he is because he can keep up with his brother and sister!! He loooooves walking! He chases Lib and Benny all over the house! He has two bottom teeth and a head full of crazy curly hair that I’m slightly obsessed with! He says quite a few words already, but his favorites are, mama, dada, dog, ball, papa, and moo!! He loves dogs, fruit, and nursing🙈 I stopped nursing Libbey at 13 months and Bennett right at a year! I’m thinking it might take him a little longer to wean… which I’m okay with 😉 Mr. Jamison has been quite the blessing! This past year has been full of ups and downs and hardships and we have lost a few loved ones and I could not have gotten through it without my sweet babies!!

Have a fabulous Sunday!



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wishlist

Hello!!! Life has been crazy lately!! One of these days I will blog weekly, but for now I’m going to focus on my sweet little family!! Having three so close together and a hubby that works nights makes it tough to get anything done, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!! My sweet little man, Jamison will be one on Saturday😥 HOW is that possible???!! Last year I was literally at the hospital in labor and shopping online because the day he was more was the first day for public access for the sale! I’m hardcore 😂😂 I’ll do a family update post next week… maybe! Haha But…. I wouldn’t be a “blogger” if I didn’t talk about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!! I looove this sale soooo much and wish we had a Nordstrom closer.. my closest one is like an hour and a half away😩😩 Thank goodness for a bestie who has multiple close to her 🙌🏼  She has picked me up a few things and I hope to get a few more things online tomorrow!! I’ll share below the things that I’m wanting!!!!


This Bp cardigan is soooo cute!! It comes in tons of cute colors!! It would be cute now in the evenings with a simple tee and cut off shorts!


Bp Raw Edge Scoop Neck Tee! This one of the items I had my bestie get! I had her get it in two different colors because I knew it would sell out fast! I have an xs in both colors! My other color is sold out, but hopefully they restock it ASAP!! I would say these are a tad bit oversized!


Bp Hooded Plaid Shirt! This is perfect for fall! It would be so cute with little tan booties! I picture myself sitting by a fire eating s’mores😂🤷🏻‍♀️But, let’s be honest… I would be keeping my kids away from the fire and telling libbey to not poke her brother with the sharp stick thingy!


Bp Washed Moro Leggings! Soooo glad these came back this year! I’m still kicking myself for not buying them last year, so obvi I need them this year!!


STS Blue Emma Ripped Fray Hem Skinny Jeans! Love the hem on these and there is the perfect amount of distressing on them! I bought a pair of this brand last year and wish I would have sizes down… these are such a good deal!


Slouchy Pocket Henley! I want this in every color!!! Such a good price point and can be worn now!!


Loving these Adidas tennis!! I’m slightly tennis shoe obsessed🙈 The come in a suuuuuper pretty pink, but I have some adidas from last fall that are similar, so the hubby would kill me if I bought these! I feel like the grey will go with sooo much! I’ve been reading to size down in these!


OBSESSED with these Steve Madden slides! I had my sweet friend pick these up for me in store on day one because I knew they would sell out! I actually got the snakeskin color and they are currently still sold out on line… I can’t wait to get them!!


I love Lucky Brand!! The wedge on these booties is perfection!! I definitely am adding these to my bag!!! They come in 5 beautiful colors!!


Is this Leith Cardigan not the prettiest?! Love the color so very much!! I’m trying to tell myself that I need it, but can’t quite justify the price still😩 I have seen it on a few bloggers and the wear it over white on white! Gorgeous!!


Ribbed Body Con Minidress! This is  another piece I had my friend grab! I have the olive in an extra small! Can’t wait to pair it with over the knee boots in a few months!


Eyeing these cute little Nikes for my boys! I love white tennis shoes!!


How sweet is this little boho dress! Libbey lives I dresses!! I thinking school pictures?!


I wish these cute pink Pumas came in my size! Ha! Libbey’s Auntie Em got these for her birthday!!


Libbey and I love these Stila liquid eyeshadows! I wear them a lot during the holidays and Lib asks to wear them daily😂


I’ve heard great things about this Hourglass blush palette! I want to try it! Hoping my sister purchases it😜


I use a beauty blender daily! If you are obsessed like I am then you NEED this set! Such a good deal!



If you buy one thing beauty related item in the sale, I would definitely buy this Laura Mercier set! The setting powder is LIFE!!!


Does this plush throw not make you feel ant to snuggle in the couch and sip cocoa?! Yes please!!

I’ll add a few more of my wants tomorrow!!

Happy Shopping!!



Life Lately

Hello Hello!!! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!! We have been busy busy!! Miss Libbey had her dance recital this past weekend and did a fabulous job of course! My little diva can dance her heart out! She loves it!! Bennett was dying to get on the stage and kept asking when it was his turn!! She still asks everyday if she has dance or school?! I’m still trying to potty train Bennett🙈 He will do great for a few days and then the next day have like 4 accidents…. we do a star chart and reward him with a couple m&ms when he goes #2. We stay pretty busy by swimming, going on walks, and going to the park! We are heading to Colorado in a few weeks to see my sister!! We are very excited!!

Sharing an outfit I wore a few weeks ago below!! I’m obsessed with overalls! I loved them when I was younger!!


Overalls: Old Navy, so my exact pair are sold out, but how cute are these??!

Diaper Bag: Freshly Picked

Sunnies: Shop Bop (on sale!!!)

Sandals: Walmart(I would go up one size!)


Thanks for reading!!



Mother’s Day Fun

Hellooooooooo! Long time no talk🙈 You Guys….. I don’t know how full time working mamas do it??? I seriously give them so much praise because I’m home all day and struggle to  keep the house clean, the kids fed, and find time to just sit and play with them… I still have yet to find a good routine! I think once our house is finally put together and the baby isn’t nursing anymore, things might get a little less crazy… probably not😂

So, I hope all the mamas out there had a fabulous Mother’s Day!! My sweet kiddos gave me a cute card, powdered doughnuts, and a new diaper bag!!! JD has given me powdered doughnuts for Mother’s Day  since I was pregnant with Libbey! I craved them🙈 I’m in loooove with my new Freshly Picked Diaper bag!! I’ve wanted it for a few years now!! I took my kiddos to church and then had a cookout at my parents with my family!! We took a few selfies before mass! 😂 Lib’s poses kill me😂



I’m on a jumpsuit kick lately! They aren’t really nursing friendly, so I usually wear them when I’m not going to be gone long! The one I’m wearing above it’s on sale!!!! Lib has a matching one, but of course wouldn’t wear it when I wanted her too:( I link a few other cute jumpsuits below!!


How cute is this one?!


This one is perfect for the beach!


I’m picturing my hot pink bow wedges with this one!!

Old Navy is having a REALLY good sale!!! Grab an iced coffee and buy something cute!!!

Thanks for reading!



Vacation Pics and Life Update

FFA09C58-0D44-40D1-9FCE-4172C0A3843931CC4DFF-F739-411A-B564-AE123688FF0FF61C6CD9-08F9-4217-8785-F6C15AE17E8BC2F5BE60-7DE6-4643-AD4B-998E19D2A46FDE37A9B4-6391-427B-93AB-4152D485894EBCC2BE25-BF8D-4B0D-BE64-BBD96D57D0264ECD0527-70E0-432B-8D09-50D85969D0E95875BDA6-71B4-4A9D-B665-4C18CDB228025772FA31-D9C7-4F10-B1AC-6984715C933BF202E5A9-D554-49E1-9A9D-3D5742713BDAFF4E67B3-2D9F-4AA4-BC7C-8901612CA03E1C101DD5-C2B4-477B-AAB4-E7EC95C64744Hello my lovely readers! Once again for the hundredth time, I’ve gone MIA! I’m so thankful for those of you that stick around and still read my little blog! Life is like a roller coaster.. so many ups and downs and my goal is just to keep my sweet babies healthy and happy, so if I don’t wash my hair for a week or don’t blog for a few months… it’s all good! I lost my sweet Papaw suddenly a few weeks ago and it definitely made me stop and think about what’s really important in life.. I enjoy fashion and doing this blog, but my family comes first! Raising 3 little kiddos is no joke! It is definitely the hardest job, but so rewarding and I’m so blessed to be their mommy!!

My grandpa lived in Austin, TX and my family was in Florida at the time because we were in my best friend’s wedding! We stayed for the wedding and left for Austin a few days later! We had planned on going to Disney World for a few days and the beach, but plans suddenly changed:( We did get to take the kiddos to Magic Kingdom for a day and they got to stop in Destin for like an hour.. It was nice to spend a week in Texas with family though!! We were gone for 15 days and spent like 50 hours in the car.. my poor kiddos🙈 Jamison popped his front two bottom teeth while we were gone and Bennett had a super bad ear infection the night we got there… it was a stressful few weeks let me tell ya! The wedding was absolutely beautiful and Libbey thought she was the bride😂😂 I’ll start doing more fashion post soon!!

Thanks for reading!!