Make a Statement

Hello Hello!!

Below is an outfit I wore last week to take Miss Libbey to the doctor. I was in a hurry, so I just threw something together! I usually throw on a statement necklace if I feel like I need to spice up my outfit a little! I love huge necklaces! They can totally make an outfit! This necklace is a good piece to help me transition in to spring! I love the colors! You will probably see me wearing it all the time! Don’t judge me!



Vest: TJ Maxx (similar) and it is on sale!!

Leggings: Gap Outlet (similar)

Sweater: TJ Maxx, but love this and this!!

Boots: Old, but I looove these!

Necklace: Sam Moon, I really like this one!!!

One of my best friends had her baby last night, so I’m going to meet her today!! So excited!!!! Libbey is going to look so big compared to her!!

Enjoy your day!


Bald is Beautiful

Good morning!! I hope it is warmer where you are! It was 3 degrees when I got in my car this morning..really winter??? Enough already!!!
I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I spent the weekend with my sister and on Saturday we had a “head shaving party!” My cousin was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. She is currently undergoing chemo and radiation. She is doing so well! I have never seen someone so positive and upbeat! She is the strongest, most amazing person I know. She definitely does not let cancer get her down! She just says that it is “God’s will and she is not afraid!” I feel I take life for granted a lot , so I’m trying to slow down and learn from my cousin and cherish every moment! One of my cousins owns a hair salon, so we had food and beverage and she shaved heads! All of the money from the hair cuts is going to be donated to St. Jude’s Hospital! I am so proud of my cousin! She is so selfless! She could care a less about hair!! She definitely rocks the bald head! She is beautiful!!







I think my hubby and little brother look tough with no hair! Hehe








Sweater: JCPenney, I don’t see mine online, but look at and this and this!
Jeans: J.Crew Factory (similar)
Boots: Cavender’s
Necklaces: Target and Francesca’s (similar)
Bracelets: Target and Brina Box

My whole family wears the gray bracelet! Gray represents the color for brain cancer. We wear them everyday!!! My cousin is a fighter and she is not going to let this silly cancer bring her down!

Thanks for reading!

Faux Fur for Days!!!

It is almost the weekend already! Yikes!!! I have another busy weekend! I wish it consisted of Starbucks and shopping, but unfortunately it doesn’t 😦
My brother and sister will be come from school for the weekend though!! They said they are having Libbey withdrawals!




I seriously love faux fur! It is so fun! You can dress it up or down! I feel like it pretty much goes with everything ( well besides tennis shoes and sweats, but hey if you can rock that look I say go for it!)! I have a few different faux fur vests! You can find some super cute ones for super cheap! Most of mine are from Forever 21 or TJ Maxx!

Vest: Forever 21 (old), but here is a similar one on sale!!!

Shirt: J.Crew Factory, they don’t have my color online, but this one is similar!

Pants: J.Crew Factory, check these and these out!

Necklace: Sam Moon, can’t find online, but loving this one!!!

Belt: Target

Have a fabulous day!!


Denim is a Staple!

Hellooooo!!! It is finally a little warmer! It is supposed to get to 50 degrees!! Heat wave!! Haha I’ll take anything over 30 at this point!

Below are a few more pictures from Florida last week! One of my very best friends lives in Orlando, so she met up with us a few times last week!!

So, I didn’t really get any good outfit pics that day, but it was a pretty basic outfit!! I could live in maxi dresses and a denim jacket! Everyone needs a denim jackets! I wear mine all year round! Oh, and don’t mind the undergarments in the background of one of the pictures! Oops!! Haha

Denim Jacket: Gap (similar)
Maxi Dress: J.Crew, but this one is cute and simple!
Scarf: Forever 21, can’t find online, but this one is very cute!
Watch: Charming Charlie (similar)
Silver Bracelet: The Loft (old)
Cross Bracelet:FAITH, check their website out!

Libbey’s outfit is from Zulily!!!

Have a fab day!!







All Checked Out


Hope everyone is having a great week! My poor little Libbey has caught a cold:( I think it is time to go back to Florida…. We still have so much snow and ice here….








I’m still posting pics of my outfits from Florida! Clearly I am not wearing this outfit at home in the slushy ice and snow…Gross!

Shirt: JCPenney 

Jeans: Forever 21(old),  but these are super cute!

Belt: J.Crew Factory (similar)

Necklace: Target & Forever21

Bracelets: Forever21 & Brinabox (on sale!!)

Watch: Francesca’s (similar)



Of course I have to add a few pics of Lib’s outfit!!

Have a great day!!



Sail Away

I can’t believe it is already Tuesday! Time goes by too fast, but I’m soooo ready for Spring!

My little Libbey turned 5 months this past Saturday! She is such a sweet little lady!







I was soooo excited to wear my new sailboat sweater from Old Navy while I was in Florida!! I love anything nautical! I’m so happy that there is soooo much of it out there right now!!!

Sweater: Old Navy

Pants: Gap (similar)

Necklace: Forever 21

Thanks for reading!!


Baby It’s Cold Outside!!!!

Happy Thursday!!!
I’m soooo ready for the weekend because I’ll be in warmer weather 🙂 It is -1 degrees out this morning..lovely and we have 8 inches of snow on the ground… My mom and I decided to brave the tundra and run a few errands and OF COURSE I’m wearing my Hunters!!



Turtleneck: Gap, not many sizes left, but this is cute!
Jeans: Loft(mine are old), but these are similar!
Vest: Aerpostale(my monogram is on it!) I like this one and the color is fun!
Hunter Boots:(Lipstick)
Headband: Charming Charlie(old), but this is super cute!!
Scarf: Steve Madden (old), but love this and this!

Hope everyone has a marvelous day!!! Stay warm!!!


I Heart Friday’s!

Happy Friday!!

Just had lunch with a few friends! One of them has a little boy and a nine month little girl! Libbey and Macie have already had a few play dates!  I can’t wait to see how Libbey interacts with other babies as she gets a little older!

My little family and my parents are heading out in a bit to do some shopping! Below is what I’m wearing today:)





Shirt:JCPenney (Similar here)

Sweater: Gap- they don’t have mine anymore, but this one is really cute and festive!

Belt: Forever 21, but I die for this one!

Jeans: Old from American Eagle, but check these out!




Of course I have to show you Libbey’s outfit of the day:)

Have a fabulous weekend!!




Pink & Red

My little Libbey hasn’t felt well, since she she had her shots on Friday, which is why I have been MIA for a few days. She needed extra cuddles!! So, obviously we haven’t left the house, so I spent the last few days thinking about what to wear for Valentine’s Day! I love any excuse to wear lots of pink!!! Duuuuh!!! Plus, it is 3 days after my anniversary! J.D. and I will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary on February 11th!! Best two years of my life<3


The pink sweater and blouse are from JCrew Factory! They aren’t online, but check the stores! I just got them both last week in Austin!!! The wedges are Steve Madden from last year, but here are some I looove! The necklace is from a local flower shop, but love this! The skinnies are old, but like these and they are on sale!

I think this blouse is super festive! I got it at TJ Maxx, but this one is also cute! The black jeggings are old, but I like these and looove this hat!! The nude pumps are Steve Madden! Every girl needs a nude pump! My necklace is from Sam Moon, but I can’t find it online, but like this one!


I am obsessed with polka dots! They are so classic! This dress is from Forever 21! I like this one!! The pumps are also from Forever 21, but they are old! These are cute! I also love this necklace!! I got the pink clutch at Target over the summer! This one is super cute!


Hope you ladies have a fabulous day! It is almost Friday!!!!!