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Summer Vacay!!!!!

Happy Happy Saturday lovelies!!! It has been pouring down rain for two days now, so obvi I’m wishing I was back in Florida on the beach! I thought I would share a few fun pics from our first family vacation as a family of five!! We typically always do a summer vacation with my family, but not this year, so we decided to still go somewhere! We spent 3 nights in the cutest little beach house in Seaside, FL! I wish I would have taken pics, but no time with my 3 crazies running around! We were lucky to get the few we got! haha! If you want to know more about where we stayed just send me an email and I’ll give you info! Our little house was like a quarter of a mile walk to the beach, so it wasn’t bad at all! The kids were in heaven! The water was soooo clear! We saw crabs and fish everywhere! I’m definitely a beach snob and 30A is somewhere I could go every year! I told JD that we are retiring there! I wish!!!



We spent 6 nights in Orlando! My grandparents have a home there, so we go quite a bit! It is super close to Disney!! I turned 30 while we were gone and I thought what better way to spend my birthday?! I’m Disney OBsessed, so we go to a park or two every time we visit!! We went to Animal Kingdom this time since were we just at Magic Kingdom in April! Bennett looooved all the animals! He was in heaven! The “It’s Tough to Be a Bug” 3d show freaked them out a little! Lib had seen it before, but she wasn’t even two!


Sorry this post is so long!! Have a great weekend!!




img_7287img_7353img_7368img_7374img_1291img_7390img_7438img_7464img_7471img_7474img_7480img_7145img_7146img_7148img_7151Hola!! Hope everyone is having a great week! The weather is still really nice here!! I need to start packing up the house(we close in like two weeks 😩), but I keep playing with the kids outside instead 🙈 I think I’m just putting off packing because I’m sad to leave the first house our little family lived in:( It is bittersweet… I’m excited for a new house and a new adventure with another little one, but sad to leave this one.

I promise I’m done sharing Disney pictures!

Top: local boutique, simalar here!

Leggings: Nordstrom

Scarf: H&M (similar)

Booties:  Nordstrom

Sunnies: Nordstrom

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Disney World Part One

Hellooooo my lovely readers! I promise I did not forget about you! I decided not to blog for a few weeks, so I could fully enjoy vacation with my family. We had a blast at Disney World! I was kinda worried how Miss Libbey would do with the life size characters, heat, lines, and all the people. She did awesome! She won’t remember anything since she isn’t even two yet, but we have so many pictures to show her and stories to tell her when she gets a little older! We plan on taking her back in a few years with her little brother!
I have sooooo many pictures you guys.. I’m going to post about our trip the next few days! I didn’t really do any outfit pics because we were so busy and most of my outfits were simple outfits that would be cool and comfy for hours of walking and sweating at Disney.
I’ll show you a few I have on my phone today and add the camera pictures later!










We had breakfast with a few of the characters at Chef Mickey on our first day! I highly recommend taking your kiddos there! The atmosphere is wonderful, the food is fabulous, and the characters take the time to go to every table and spend time with the kids and let you take as many pictures as you want! Libbey got excited from the moment we walked in and she saw a picture of Mickey! I was afraid she would be scared of the characters because she didn’t care for the Easter Bunny or Santa, but she looooved the characters! She cried when they left her because she didn’t understand why they couldn’t stay:(

Starbucks junkie like her mama:)












Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney! Libbey looooves that place! She would go up to all the animals and say “Hi I’m Libbey!” Cutest thing ever! My best friend from grade school lives in Orlando, so of course we spent lots of time with her!

My pineapple tee is here and here is Libbey’s cute tank!
Striped Dress is here!
I won’t bore you with any more pictures today!!

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