Decor Updates!

Hola! I’m currently blogging while I nurse my little bambino! It is seriously the only way I can get it done! Life with three kiddos four and under is no joke! Libbey told her “YaYa”(grandma) that our house is chaos😂 She is right!! I love my crazy chaos though!! She has become a really good helper lately!! Bennett tries to help too, but usually ends up making more of a mess! Speaking of messes… my hubby is working on a few projects in our laundry room! I think I mentioned that we bought a foreclosure this past fall, so we have lots of projects! I’ll share them as we make progress!


I plan on sharing more once I have it organized! JD is going to build a shelf above too and we have a galvanized pole that he’s hanging above as well(hopefully today)!!!

I found a few pics on Pinterest for inspiration!! JD distressed and sanded the boards to give them the “worn” look! Hopefully I’m sharing more laundry room progress next week!

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DIY: Deco Mesh Wreaths






Happy Tuesday!!!
I have become obsessed with making wreaths! I posted a few wreaths I made a few weeks ago, so I thought I would show you guys a few more!! My cousin is helping me make them now! We have so much fun together! We get most of our supplies at Hobby Lobby!! I can’t decide which one I want to keep for myself or if I should make a different one!
I’m also thinking about putting my tree up later this week… Too soon?? Nah!!!

Thanks fore reading!!