maternity style

Chambray Dress and Vacay Pics


Dress: Old Navy

Sandals: Target

Hat: Vici

Sunnies: Forever 21(similar)

Earrings: Charming Charlie… lots of cute colors!!

Hola!!! I’m back from vacation and am in total nesting mode🙈🙈 I’m sooo tired, but find myself cleaning and organizing like crazy!! Our little man could come at anytime!!! I knew once vacation was over that I would be running around like a crazy person trying to get everything ready!!

Vacation was a blast! The kiddos are definitely little fish! Libbey has asked multiple times when we are going back to Florida and if we can move there! I wish sister! Haha We spent most of our mornings/afternoons on the beach and went out to eat and shopping during the evening! I’ll share a few outfit details and pic over the next few days!!

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White on White

Happy Monday!!! Hope you all had a great weekend! We were quite busy, so I’m in need of a chill day today🙈 We went wedding dress shopping Friday and my sweet nephew got baptized yesterday! It is crazy to think that in a few short months we will be going to Baby #3’s baptism! I need time to slow down!! How am I already 27 weeks😳 I’m still feeling pretty good! I find myself getting super tired in the afternoon, but I think that’s just #motherhood😂 Baby is growing right on track! I’m not really craving anything! Some of my regular pants still fit and some I can’t get past my thighs😩 I try to workout 4-5 times a week! Libbey talks to “her baby” all the time and loves to feel him kick! She thinks my belly button in his ear! Haha

Hat: Nordstrom, like this one!

Tank: Target

Denim: Old Navy

Sweater: Forever 21, similar!

Lipstick: MAC (creme in your coffee)

Shoes: Von Maur


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Green & Stripes

IMG_7730IMG_7731IMG_7732Happy Tuesday!

We currently have snow on the ground😩 The kids love it, but I’m soooo over it! I’m ready for dresses and sandal weather because this growing bump is getting harder to dress🙈 I’m 21 weeks and we found out the gender this last week! If you follow me Instagram (amandajune915) you know what we are having😬 I’ll do a reveal post tomorrow and a bump update! I was so much better with Libbey and Bennett about taking weekly pictures of the bump! I haven’t really done one this time around😳

So, I signed Miss Libbey up for pre school yesterday 😥 I can’t believe she is old enough to go!! I want to keep her home forever!! She is sooo ready to go! She talks about school all the time!

Top: Old Navy, similar

Bottoms: TJ Max, like these!

Hat: Old, similar here

Booties: Macy’s

Vest: Target, wearing girls xl

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Last Maternity Outfit

Helloooooo!!! Sorry I have been MIA! I had Mr. Bennett James Pickett on 10/11/15, so I figured you all would understand why I have not been blogging! I have been spending every minute with my sweet family! Life with two kiddos is fun! I’m definitely tired, but I wouldn’t change it! Miss Libbey is a great little helper! She loves her “Buddy” so much! She loves to help change his diaper! She smothers him and kisses and sings “Let It Go!”

I’ll try to get back to blogging soon! I thought I would share my last maternity outfit with you guys! I wore this outfit last Saturday, so it was literally the last outfit I wore before I had Bennett!


Trying to entertain Libbey in a few of these! haha

Vest: Forever 21(last year), want this!

Sweater: Sheinside

Leggings: Target

Boots: Target(super old), need these!

Necklace: Forever 21(old), this one is cute!

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Living in Leggings




Scarf: Old, love this!
Top: Caralase(similar)
Leggings: Target
Hat: Old, like this one!
Flats: Target

You guys… First of all I’m HUGE, second… I can’t stop wearing leggings…. I’m sure JD is ready to burn them! Haha At this point I’m going for comfort!! Looove my tunic from Caralase! So comfy! You all need one!! I used to say I would never ever wear leggings… Never say never:) Pregnant or not pregnant, I love leggings!! Haha

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Flannel Weather




Flannel: Sheinside
Tank: Target
Leggings: Target
Scarf: Forever 21(similar)
Shoes: Converse
Bangles: Alex and Ani

I could live in flannels! There are soooo many cute ones out right now! Flannels(unbuttoned because of my big baby belly) and leggings are going to be my uniform the next few weeks until Baby P arrives I’m sure!! I can’t wait to go shopping in a month or so for new fall/winter clothes!!

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Photo Bomber






Dress: Target
Kimono: Charming Charlie(old), need this one in my closet!
Flats: Target(old), like these
Libbey’s Skirt: Target
Libbey’s Top: Target
Libbey’s Shoes: Von Maur(similar here)
Well, as you can see I had a little photo bomber in my pictures! She insisted on being in every one! She is such a ham! She makes the pictures even better! I’m running g out of clothing options! You guys have seen the striped dress sooooo much! Sorry!! I’m trying to make my outfits more “fallish,” but it just isn’t happening…. Oh well!
Oh, and of course I had to get a pumpkin spice frap on the first day of fall! 🙂
Happy Thursday!

Fall Layers






Denim Dress: Gap(last year), similar
Vest: Target
Leggings: Target, favorite non maternity here
Necklace: Purple Peridot(a staple in my closet!)
Flats: Target

It is impossible to get a picture with a two year old! She is a busy busy girl! I wore the outfit above last Sunday for Libbey’s 2nd birthday party! The weather was perfect for chili and hotdogs! I love bonfire and sweater weather! Not quite ready for snow though! I could take fall temps until Christmas!

Hope you all have a great weekend! I plan on attempting to pack for the hospital and get the rest of our house “baby ready!”

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Fall Plaid




Dress: Old Navy
Slip Extender: random boutique(similar)
Booties: Jessica Simpson(last year), WANT these!
Bangles: Alex & Ani
Necklace: Purple Peridot(on sale)

Happy Thursday!! So, we put Miss Libbey in her “big girl” bed on Tuesday night for the first time… It was bittersweet. She woke up twice, but we didn’t let her get out of bed. Last night she slept all night!! Wahoo!!! We shall see how tonight goes! I can’t believe I’ll soon have another baby sleeping in her crib!

I’m 36 weeks today, so I thought I would do a little bump update for you guys!
How Far Along: 36 weeks!
Gender: Boy!!!
Stretch Marks: none so far! Still using Palmer’s Cocoa Butter(usually twice a day)
Maternity Clothes: for the most part… Still wearing maxi skirts and dresses along with stretchy waistband shorts!
Sleep: nonexistent… It is all good though! My body is ready to be up every few hours already! Haha
Cravings: nothing right now… We’ll, besides a pumpkin spice latte:) I’m just trying to eat.. I’m so full of baby that nothing really sounds good and I eat half of what I did a month ago.. I miss food!!! Haha once I start nursing I’m sure I’ll be back to eating like crazy!
Belly Button: OUT! It is out for the world to see! Haha It is actually kind of sore… I think my skin is just super stretched out in that area.
Exercise: Still walking a few times a week! We have been super busy, so I try to walk at least twice a week and then I’ll do squats and lunges at home.
Wedding Ring: Still on!
Swelling: my ankles and feet have started swelling just a tad in the last week and half. My shoes still fit fine! They usually swell at the end of the day when I have been on my feet a lot.

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Top: Nordstrom Rack, love this!
Skirt: Target(old), similar
Necklace: gift, looove this!
Sandals: Go Jane(old), like these!
Sunnies: Forever 21(similar)

Hope you all had a fabulous Labor Day weekend! We had lots of family in town, so we were super busy! We took Miss Libbey to a parade yesterday and she was so excited because she thought Minnie and Mickey would be there.. She thinks every parade is like a Disney World parade.. I hated bursting her bubble, but she still had fun! I’m not really ready for fall weather(I know I’m crazy), but I am ready to decorate for fall!! Maybe I’ll do it this week!! I’ll be sure to share a few pictures!!

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