taylor swift

TSwift Attire





Kimono: Charlotte Russe(can’t find mine online), I like this and this(on sale!)
Dress: Old Navy(can’t find online), want this and this one!
Sandals: Charming Charlie
Necklace: Francesca’s(old), need this!
Hat: Nordstrom… only $16.90!!!
Lipstick: MAC(All Fired Up)
Earrings: Kate Spade(similar)
Bracelets: Alex and Ani

So, I know you have all seen me wear the dress and kimono above, but I’m limited on my clothing options! I refuse to buy anymore maternity clothes! I tried to mix the outfit up a bit by adding the chunky necklace and felt hat! My sister and I bought hats Saturday afternoon because it started pouring and we were freaking out! So, we thought no biggie we will just buy hats! Anything for Taylor! Haha I love felt floppy hats! I wear them all fall/winter! I’ll definitely be rocking hats this fall because washing my hair will be nonexistent with a new born baby and crazy Libbey running around! Can we talk about my makeup for a minute??!! My sister is aaaamazing with makeup!!! I’ve mentioned before that I don’t wear much makeup and I don’t feel like I’m super good at applying it.. Em is a rock star!!! She has soooo much makeup! I wish she could do it for me everyday!! She would love to be a makeup artist! I know she will be one!! She is very talented! I’ll let her use my face for practice any time:) I’m going to post her outfit details on the blog tomorrow! She looked super cute!!

Cab selfie on the way to Taylor!!

Miss Libbey photo bombed the pic! The girl loves having her picture taken! Two seconds later my mom was pushing her up and down the hotel hallways on the luggage cart! She is a hot mess!





My pictures aren’t very good:( We had aaaamazing seats thanks to my sweet dad who bought us tickets on Chridtmas morning! I have seen Taylor Swift 3 times and have always been so far away! We had floor seats this time!! The lights were so bright, so none of my pics turned out…. But, Andy Grammer came out and sang with Taylor!! So fun!!

Thanks for reading my super long post!